New album update

The drum recordings for album #6 have ended. Soon we will start working on the guitars. Stay tuned!

On to the next step

The pre-production session has ended. Soon the recording session will commence.
More news as it follows.

New booking agency

We have signed a deal with promotion/booking agency Doomed Events! All future booking requests should be sent to

Doomed Events


Since there seems to be some wrong information floating around the internet we’ve decided to add a demo section to our Discography.

Back to the coldness of Sweden

Tour is over! Thanks to Forgotten Tomb, our tour manager Jose and of course everyone of you who attended the shows! Now we will shift focus and start writing material for a new album, hopefully out early next year.

Venue changes for upcoming tour

The show in Newcastle (UK) will take place at Trillians Rock Bar, the show in Toulouse (France) will take place at Le Saint Des Seins and the show in Madrid (Spain) will take place at Sala Excalibur.

European tour update

New date added to the upcoming tour, 28/04/2013 @ Salle Emeraude, Bressuire, FRANCE.
The schedule is now as follows:

24.04.13 ITALY – Torino / United Club
25.04.13 ITALY – Milan / Blue Rose Saloon
27.04.13 FRANCE – Montbeliard / Atelier des Moles
28.04.13 FRANCE – Bressuire / Salle Emeraude
29.04.13 SPAIN – Irun / Sala Tunk
30.04.13 PORTUGAL – Benvente / Side B2
01.05.13 SPAIN – Madrid / Ritmo y Compas
02.05.13 SPAIN – Barcelona / Be Good
03.05.13 SPAIN – Zaragoza / Utopía
04.05.13 FRANCE – Toulouse / Le Saint Des Seins
05.05.13 FRANCE – Paris / Glazart
06.05.13 UK – London / Garage upstairs
07.05.13 UK – Newcastle / Think Tank
08.05.13 BELGIUM – Mechelen / Kamikaze
09.05.13 NETHERLANDS – Arnhem / Willemeen
10.05.13 GERMANY – Oberhausen / Helvete
11.05.13 GERMANY – Erfurt / From Hell
12.05.13 TBC

New bass player

Those of you who saw us live during 2012 might already know his face (or beard).
Welcome to the band, mr Jimmy Mattsson (Loch Vostok)!